Monday, 27 March 2017

Isle of wight Day Trip

Hi all
There might be an opportunity to visit the Isle of Wight next Saturday. A lot of things need to fall into place especially the weather but at the moment it could be on.
It would mean an early start (9.00am ferry) and hopefully enjoy a day visiting as many flying sites as we can (wind dependant) and then get a 4.00'ish ferry back again.
Car sharing usually works well with 2 - 3 people per car and loads of models. I haven't looked the ferries, prices etc until I know there is any interest?
So if you are interested in a day out on the Island (did I mention mega pub lunches!) then let me know in the next day or so.
It is worth the effort and we have always had great flying days on all off our previous visits.

Isle Of Wight - Hang Glider / Paragliding Flying Site Guide

UPDATE: Ferries booked for this Saturday (1st April) departing 9.00pm and coming back on the 4.00pm ferry.

29/3 -Weather now looking much better with a SSW - SW wind forecast with sunshine PM.

Anyone else interested in coming along?

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Wolstonbury Hill with the Kids

With the sun shining, the kids needing some exercise and a decent ENE wind blowing, a walk round the wolstonbury bowl with a spot of flying seemed the obvious option. The walk was beautiful, winding through ancient ash woodlands carpeted with spring wildflowers, before opening out into sun-kissed meadows and rolling hills.

We walked up the steep spur on the East side of the hill and flew right from the centre of the bowl, benefiting from its full funnelling potential. Perfect spring weather, scenery and flying conditions. Both of my boys enjoyed launching the wildthing and having a go on the sticks at a safe hight!

Two more members in the making! Love Wolstonbury, one of my favourite spots. A couple of pics below.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

BMFA National Centre Website

Hi All,
The BMFA have now set up a new website dedicated to their national centre which is being developed ready to allow flying and visitors / hire of rooms, etc... for later this year.
On this site there are updates on what's happening as they develop the buildings and make the runways ready for flying, plus information on prices for hiring rooms and runways.

It's interesting to see the progress and good to know that there will soon be a permanent national centre for our 'sport'/ hobby.

Rob Stanley
Hon Sec

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Ian Maidens his new Moulded Jart

It was a funny old day at Itford with some seriously turbulent conditions to contend with. Not to be deterbed, a number of us (Scotty, Mark, Ian and I) met up and were kept company by a fellow slope soarer who'd driven down from London.

After some foamie fun, including several failed attempts to fly the wildthings under a DIY limbo gate, and a few flights by Ian with the Europhia, he unveiled the Jart for its first flight.

Here's a video of the successful maiden.

I managed to get a good session in with the Ascot as the weather got increasingly menacing. It was as if someone flicked the turbulence to 'high rates' as soon as I launched - much to the amusement of all the others who had all evacuated the airspace by that point!

Anyway, a thrilling experience followed by another landing masterclass by Ian. Fantastic morning all-in-all!