Sunday, 23 April 2017

Glider training and F5J comp at Horsham

Hi all you are all welcome to come to the Horsham glider training day as shown in the previous post. It is planed to be fun and hopefuly we can all learn something.
If you ard coming please make yourselves known to me or other Horsham members and I will give you a quick breifing, it's our club field and we will have a few rules to follow, boring I know but we have to follow them.
If anyone wants to entre the F5J comp the following Sunday, it will be fun and you don't have to be the next word champion to take part. I will get you paired up with a good comp pilot to ensure you get the most out of it with out having to worry about knowing the rules and how to time the flights.
Hope to see you Saturday all day.

Just a reminder about next Saturday

A group of us will be heading over to the Horsham club field (near Adversane) next Saturday for some training and set up help with their thermal training day. So far Ian, Will, Graham and me will be going but its an open invite and even if you don't want to fly then why not come along and see what's going on.
See details below.....
Kevin Beale & Colin Paddon are holding a thermal training day over at the Horsham club on the 29th April and we have been invited to go along. The venue is their club field (described in the post below about the BMFA F5J event). They will be helping pilots sort out models, learn techniques and just fly. They have a winch available and a couple of bungees as well as electric gliding. They may run a simple competition just to get the competitive juices going.
I am definitely going - anyone else interested in going?

Directions to the field can be found here:,-0.4774387,459m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xbad0546393cf519f!8m2!3d51.0063672!4d-0.4743782?hl=en

The following week they will be holding F5J comp open to all. I'm going to see how the training day goes before committing myself to my first comp.

Should be an excellent day (weather permitting). Come along next week and see what this F5J soaring is all about!!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

What a cracker!!

Hi all.
A good turnout up on Ditchling Beacon this morning. Tony (our newest member), Ian, Rob, Scott, Richard, Paul & Will all trudged over to Ditchling West. The sky was full of moulded gliders which I don't think I have seen before today.
Tony brought his brand new Wildthing and was helped through the maiden flight by Rob. Tony managed 3 flights with three hard landings, but that's OK for his first ever flight. Rob then set up the buddy system on the transmitters , so Tony was able to remain in the air for much longer with Rob making adjustments if needed. Well done Tony, a great first day's flying.
Paul, Ian and Richard all flew their respective mouldies with great skill and Rob flew his Moth foamie firstly before trying the Impulse mouldie which flew extremely well. He was helped with the landings though !
Will flew his mouldie and made two very good landings - that makes three successful landings now - keep it up Will...
Scott flew the Valenta Dragon , again he flew very well, but like Rob requires some assistance with the landings.
Later Scott, Paul, Ian and Will all flew combat with their M60s and Wildthings whilst Rob and Tony were flying buddy on the Wildthing a bit out of their way !!
Throughout all of this Richard continued to carve up the sky with his 4 metre mouldie (F5B he tells me), with great skill.

Here is a group shot of us all and the collection of gliders that I think all flew.
Tony (for those who haven't met him yet) with his SAS Wildthing
Rob with his mouldy
Richard with his huge 4m mouldy (FS4000 by Sport Klem in Germany) that he flew so very well. Hopefully when  I  get around to editing the tons on video from today there will be some good video of Richard flying. The model is not really that big it just Richard is very small.
And finally (for now) here is a video of Ian flying his Euphoria a warp speed.
More video to come, So please bear with me!

New RC Flying Link Blog

I have had an idea for a new blog - The blog would provide access to a whole host of links relating to all things RC Flying related.

It's going to be called - RC Flying Links

The idea is for all you guys to send me links to all those sites that you find interesting and visit regularly.

Now these could be for shops where you get good priced radio / flying gear or maybe a weather related site that you think gives great weather info for your area. Then there could be other soaring blogs that you visit and enjoy reading there posts and think we will enjoy taking a look.

Here is the opportunity to share what you find interesting and useful.

The blog is still under construction but will grow and develop with all your help

I hopefully will grow and continually be  to added too over time but I need your help. Everyone that uses the Internet must have many sites they regularly visit (and I don't mean the ADULT ONLY sites!).

Share the links and lets share the Interest.

  • Shops
  • Blogs
  • Weather
  • News articles
  • Funny
  • You get the idea..............
Please either send the links to me - maybe with a short description to let other know where they are going or add your links to the comments box below.

In theory if everyone sends me 5 links to site they love to visit then this will turn out to be a very interesting place to stop and surf the web.