Tuesday, 23 May 2017

*************** Important News

Hi All,

Today we have heard from our field landlord that we will no longer have access to the field from the end of this month (May). The fields we cross to get to our field have been the subject of planning applications for about 3 years and our landlord has decided to sell them. This means that the horses in these fields will be moving to our field and as a consequence, we can no longer have flying permission.

We are sorry to have to be the bearers of  bad news.

Paul and Rob will be calling an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to discuss this situation very soon. We would like as many of our members as possible to attend, so we can get a consensus about what to do for the future.
We will inform all members by email when we have a date and venue.

In the meantime, if anyone knows any suitable fields or has any ideas for us to get a new field, please contact Paul or Rob as soon as possible.

Best regards
Paul Hampshire / Rob Stanley

Monday, 22 May 2017

Looking ahead to the Bank Holiday (3 day) weekend

I know its only Monday but we do have a 3 day weekend coming up and I wanted to get an idea what days people would be up for some flying?
Either leave a shout or comment below this post so we can get an idea who wants to fly and on what day.
Could be an opportunity to do some flat field flying if we are lucky or maybe some slope soaring.
Please let me know your options.........

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Flying Tomorrow

UPDATE - Flying Cancelled as wind has swung SE.
Sorry for the late shout out but I have been in the garden all day and now I can hardly walk! No excuse I know but I am getting on a bit now you know?
Sunday Flying..........
S - SSE wind 7 - 10 mph on to the cliffs. A light day but a bright day. Too wet to go to the field so we have decided to give the cliffs at Newhaven a bash and sod the wildlife!!
I will be meeting Ian around 10.30am at the Fort car park. If we are not there then we have already walked up to the look out tower.
If you haven't flown the cliffs before don't be put off as the lift is superb but the landing area is a little small. Come and have a look if you are not sure.
No fast mouldies as landing needs to be slow and accurate. Ideal for foam!