Monday, 15 January 2018

Saturdays flying at Beachy Head

I drove to Eastbourne on Saturday morning with Ian and parked up at Beachy Head. There were already some guys there flying foamies. The wind was blowing well from the South East and the lift was strong. There was a bunch of handgliders huddles behind a grass bank but the wind strength kept them on the ground.
Ian and I walked on past the guys flying their foamies and along the slope to a wide open area. Here you could barrel along the slope below your feet in lovely smooth lift.
The pictures above were taken from the Bomber Command memorial stone looking down on the light house on our right.  While Ian was flying a handglider launched from behind and above us in conditions we thought was too windy but luckily Ian was on the ball and got out of his way.
Beachy Head is one of those places I think people are wary of flying at but its a great site with a grassy area to one side so you don't have to be flying out over the sea if you don't want too. The parking is great with the car park located just behind the flying site. The landing area can get very busy with people and dogs so best to go early to avoid walkers. Make the effort if you haven't already as its well worth the effort.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Mini Vec Rebuild

Hi All,
As you might have read, a few weeks ago I landed the Mini Vec too hard (crashed) and broke the fuselage. On further inspection, the snakes for the rudder and elevator had also broken meaning I had to get a new fuselage (which has the snakes pre-installed).
While waiting for the fuselage to arrive I stripped the old fuselage of all its parts and managed to save everything except the pushrod ends (clevises and couplers) because they're glued to carbon rods.
I also couldn't get the servo tray out without breaking it, but I used it as a template for a new one which still needs to be fitted and shaped .....
I bought new couplers and clevises and spent ages getting the old epoxy off the ballast tube so that I could reuse it
I then had to make a new (still rough) rudder horn because the old one is stuck with 1/2 a pound of epoxy !!
Then I tried to get the nose weight out of the old fuselage but as it's made from lead shot fixed with epoxy I realised I would never get it out -
So I found a local gun shop who let me have 110 g of old lead shot for nothing - I can use this in the new fuselage 
Finally, I cleaned and checked all the wiring loom and servos in the fuselage and they're now ready to put back together ..... 
Hopefully I can get time soon to put it all back how it was ! Then I have to work out how to wire it to the receiver !!! Might need Tim H to help me


Coyote Glider Update

Hi All,
I have made some progress on the Coyote build despite working on the broken Mini Vec to replace the fuselage and building an indoor model called a Hawk -
I have managed to make some minor headway with the Coyote - the update is here - Coyote Glider Build

Friday, 12 January 2018

Will is selling up!

Our good friend Will is selling up as his work and family commitments mean he just can't get out flying for a while.

Will has for sale his Ascot F3F 3.1m span fully moulded glider and a DX8 transmitter.

I've flown Will's Ascot and it flies beautifully and is very well co-ordinated. Would make an ideal first mouldy with a little help from your club instructors.

The glider comes ready to fly with receiver and battery and is bound to the Spektrum DX8 transmitter.

Will wants £400 for the Ascot F3F and £80 for the DX8 or if you want both together then he will accept £450 OVNO.

If you are Interested then feel free to contact Will on -07855 916434