Saturday, 16 September 2017

My new toy!

A big thanks to Tim for setting up the 'Beast' or to give it its correct name the Valenta Carbonara. I bought this a week back from a guy in Kings Lynn. The model has had just one flight. The wingspan is 4m and it weighs in around 5Kgs.
Its bloody massive!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Omega ~ Progress Report #5

After ironing on the last of the Solartex it's time for the customary garden photo of the finished model.
With R.C. equpment installed and ballast added to achieve the required C of G the all up weight is 37oz (1048g), so with a six foot wingspan the wing loading comes in at around 11.7oz per square foot which is pretty average for a slope soarer I think.
The wing section is semi-symmetrical at the root graduating to fully symmetrical at the tip which should allow a for a reasonable inverted performance.
Considering it's a 45-year-old design I think it looks quite trendy!
Happy landings
Russell H

Horsham Club Indoor Flying

Myself and Rob plus others have attended the indoor flying arranged and hosted by those nice people of the Horsham model flying club. These nights have proven to be an excellent opportunity to get some well earned time on the sticks with slow and lightweight electric models that will happily fly around inside a gym hall based at Farlington School just outside Horsham.
The evening is very well run with dedicated times for many types of indoor planes, helicopters and drones (hmmmm!).

Anyway, this year I was hoping to get some of the large collection of indoor planes dusted off and take them over to the Indoor evening meets and get some flying in.
I am assuming the indoor flying will be taking place and I need to double check this with Pete Glover but I really wanted to give you guys a heads up and maybe the opportunity to get involved with some Indoor flying.
Its great fun and you can sit around nattering to other modellers about RC flying in general.
Let me know if you would be interested in either trying out indoor flying or would like to come along?
Hi All, Rob here,
just to say that it only costs about £3 per night, it runs every 2nd week starting from 17th Oct
Here's their website   -
I have small electric indoor planes and helis that people can borrow to fly and it's good fun.