Monday, 26 June 2017

A Positive Response

Over the weekend myself and Rob have received nothing but positive feedback with regard to the clubs future and the future of this blog. Currently we have a pole running on the blog to try and determine the views of the members but this pole is unfortunately open to everyone and I can not legislate against people voting who are not members. Anyway it gives us a good idea what people want.
As Will so eloquently wrote on the post below we had a very good turn out yesterday up at Itford Hill and this seems to confirm that a strong core of the membership want to continue as a club and continue to support the direction the club is currently undertaking.
We do still need to have a EOGM to discuss further various issues the membership needs to agree on and what direction the club needs to take but for now I'm sure that the club will continue as well as the blog.
Cheers guys............

PS. Will did mention we were chatting about a club visit to either the Isle of Wight or to go and see Steve and his buddies in South Wales. We had six people say they would be interested in going somewhere different to fly one weekend either for a day trip to the I of W or a weekend trip to Wales. Anyone else interested who didn't show there Interest yesterday (Scott, we have already decided that you will be going and are giving Will a lift - hope that's OK?).

Slope Soaring in Sussex - Alive and Kicking

Whatever the outcome of the vote on the decision whether or not to keep the club going, people voted with their feet (or wings!) yesterday. And what a turn out! At its height I counted at least 10 people and almost twice as many models – not all members admittedly, but it proved that slope soaring in Sussex is very much alive and kicking!

It was a fantastic day and a chance to rekindle that local, home-grown group spirit of comradery among fellow enthusiasts. As well several members (including Paul H, Rob S, Ian A, Tony C and myself) and a few locals, we were joined by ex-members Roger H and Marc B, plus Andrew L who has come back after a 6 months break - the newest member of the mouldy boys! It was like you hadn't been away a day Andrew - superb flying mate. 

Itford didn't disappoint. It's one of my favourite, if not my favourite, summertime slope in Sussex. A gentle meadow-covered hillside overlooking meandering rivers and rolling South Downs countryside, Itford offers superb lift from a combination of a decent breeze and some mega thermals hoovering up the warm summer air in the valley. It's a slope where mouldies really come into their own!

Would love to know what others rate as their favourite flying spots so we can make sure we build then into our regular circuit. Leave a comment below or in the shout box with your top spots!  

Speaking of flying locations, I'd love to try out Bo Peep sometime, as well as go back to Firle Beacon sometime - could land a jumbo jet up there so should take me less than the 16 attempts (including at least one touch and go) I needed yesterday to land the Ascot! There's also some murmurings of a possible trip to the Isle of White or Wales sometime, so would great to gauge interest in some flying further afield. 

Club or no club, formal or informal, it's up to us to decide how we want to keep engaging as a group. Yesterday, however defined, was awesome and, in my mind, there was an unmistakable club spirit on the slope. This is testament to its founders, those who do so much hard work behind the scenes, and everyone who comes along to foster this club spirit and make these meet-ups so enjoyable. I for one am looking forward to more days like yesterday - whatever we call them.

A big thanks to everyone who came along yesterday to show their support!! 

Quick update: Rob had an approach from a guy called Dave who had just started flying and lives in Lewes, so maybe we'll get another new member.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Decisions need to be made.............

Now the club has lost it's flat field and the level of Interest in slope soaring seems to have virtually dried up lately, myself and Rob were seriously wondering about the viability of the club.
Do we need a club  and do people want to be part of a club?
I know people are working in the background to try and find us another field to fly on (Rob S found somewhere, but the owner won't take the risk of us flying and Rob P is looking at a field in Cuckfield) but all the current members of Slope Soaring Sussex need to have a think and let us know their thoughts.
Either reply in the comments box below or send me or Rob S an email.

The club was set up to encourage and promote  RC glider flying but if there isn't any interest or passion to keep the club operating and as we don't currently have a field and the interest in slope soaring is waning then what's the point.

We have money in the bank and our constitution says if we wind the club up then the money in the bank would be evenly distributed between all current members or given to charity nominated by us all.
The decision is yours guys!!

See the poll in the top right hand corner. Its a straw poll but its a starter for 10.

We will have to hold a meeting in a few weeks to decide the general view and direction the members want to take.

Personally I am not bothered either way. I wanted to help grow the sport and bring people together to enjoy the flying together. If there is not the interest then lets pull the plug on the club and we can carry on as we are but without the hassle of having to do the blog, arrange flying venues etc etc etc......

Do you prefer frostbite to a suntan?

Hi all

Currently Sunday AM is looking good for Itford Hill with a reasonable W wind forecast.
Where are all my slope soaring buddies. I don't understand, in the winter we get a crowd of people out flying in freezing temperatures and horrible weather but come the summer and the slope is warm and dry hardly anyone comes out to play. Surely the better weather should attract people to come out flying and not scare them away. No gloves, no hats, no frozen fingers on the sticks, no howling gales, no goggles to stop your eyes watering, no thermoses full of hot tea!!
Give Summer slope soaring a go - you might actually enjoy more than the winter?

Make the most of the few months of warm weather we have because it wont be long before you will be back up on the hill in minus 5 with snow on the ground praying for better weather........

Remember this?